Write the Vision Ministries

Empowerment Workshops

These workshops conducted by Minister Jackson that promote healing and deliverance through Journaling to Freedom, Taking off the Mask, Rare Jewels, Naked and Not Ashamed, Water for your Garden, Spiritual Makeover, Spring Forth, The Purpose and Power of Women and others.


In the Garden

The dramatic presentation of the book “In the Garden” will revive, restore, and renew you from the inside out. Enter into the Garden and experience a woman’s life changing journey of transformation and deliverance while working “In the Garden.” See a broken woman transform into God’s woman of purpose.

Taking off the Mask

The challenges in life can sometimes be so extreme that all we want to do is cover over the situation and pray that it will disappear.  But in the real world our dilemmas still exist and inevitably we have to Take off the Mask, face our fears, adversities and challenges, and be Victorious.

Rare Treasure

 Women are created uniquely beautiful, but deep within us lay treasures uniquely specific to who we have been fashioned to be, that help us hold fast through trials and transform us from diamonds in the rough to rare jewels.  As you become engaged witness the unveiling of the rare treasure that lie within, be shown the purpose of our treasures and then experience the impact of the illumination of the jewels that lie within you.

Matters of the Heart

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Spiritual Makeover

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Purpose and Power of Women

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Writers Workshops 

These workshops help aspiring writers understand the complexities of self-publishing, marketing and promotions. 

Naked and Not Ashamed

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