Write the Vision Ministries

         About Minister Kim Y. Jackson, M. Div. 


Minister Kim Y. Jackson is an anointed writer, sought out conference speaker and teacher. Minister Jackson is an oracle and scribe for the Lord effectively ministering in the areas of healing and deliverance. Through the power of the Holy Spirit Minister Kim imparts revelation knowledge to empower believers of Christ. Minister Kim Jackson ministers at recovery houses, transitional homes and support groups throughout the Baltimore Metro Area. Minister Kim Jackson has fully accepted her calling to preach, write for the Lord, teach God's word and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Minister Jackson stands on God's word and encourages others to "Write the Vision and Make it Plain, Habakkuk 2:2-3" that God has given to them - because God is always speaking

Read the Literary Works of Minister Kim Jackson to be empowered and strengthened. 

Hear  the Spoken word of God that will impart revelation knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit to encourage and edify. 

Experience the Empowerment Workshops conducted by Minister Jackson that promote healing and deliverance through Journaling to Freedom, Taking off the Mask, Rare Jewels, Naked and Not Ashamed, Water for your Garden, Spiritual Makeover, Spring Forth, Thee Purpose and Power of Women and others.

Experience the Writer’s Workshops to help aspiring writers understand the complexities of self-publishing, marketing and promotions. 

Minister Jackson has a Master’s Degree in Divinity, Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education, Associate of Arts Degree in Biblical Studies and Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and Policy from the University of Maryland. Currently she is employed by the State of Maryland - Board of Physicians as a Training Coordinator.